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I'm using an Object Data Source/Business Logic Layer/Data Access Layer to perform the update, and the Row Updating event to Insert the new value into the table for the Bulleted List. Grid View Row Event Args) Handles Vendors Grid View. The Bulleted List column is a template column, with a textbox for the Edit Item Template. Is there a way to call the Row Data Bound event after updating a Grid View? Thanks in advance Protected Sub Vendors Grid View_Row Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

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Grid View Update Event Args) Handles Vendors Grid View. Keys("Vendor ID") Dim Contract Number As String = CType(Vendors Grid View. i think i need to find a way to re-call this event either in the Row Updating or Row Updated events.

as i mentioned previously, this Bulleted List is databound in the Grid View's Row Data Bound event.

If I call the Bind Grid() at the start of Row Updating then the Drop Down List is available, but the selected Value is lost.

From what was said in the other comment, should I be calling the Build Grid from somewhere other than Page_Load()?

Data Bind() - at end of of the Row Updating event, but still no rebinding of the bulletedlist.

I have a problem, with Grid View and Template Fields. Thanks Hi, Following is example of Update and edit in gridview using LINQ. Data Bind(); populate Grid View(); } Could any one help please? So what you need to do is store the data source (maybe in Session) and only bind rebind the data when you absolutely need to (Like during the Is Not Post Back) Do you understand? Please post the code for your Page_Load method and the that handles your Update (your C# code) so we can have a better look at what's going on. Please give some references and/or details of how to. This wipes out the data provided by the user during editing (editing happens after the page load).We have an application which creates maintenance screens based on an xml configuration file. This all works However, we have a new requirement to add Drop Down Lists to some columns to enforce data integrity.I have therefore added the relevant xml, and when creating the grid, create the column as a Template Field and the Edit Item as a Drop Down List with its own Sql Data Source. Copy this whole in a sample application it will run. For this i have taken two tables in database Employee and Department. Data Bind() End If End Sub Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Select End Sub Protected Sub Vendors Grid View_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.


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