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In this demo, I presumed that you already have a basic background on how to create a simple database table.

In this example, I used my own database called Sample DB which has Customers Table and basically contains the following field columns: As you have noticed in STEP 2, we have added six Text Box and a Button in the web form in order for us to type the information there and Insert them to the database.

The Login View control, which renders different output for authenticated and anonymous users, can be configured to display different content based on the logged in user's roles.

And the Roles API includes methods for determining the logged in user's roles.

Now let’s create a method for executing the Update or Insert.

The Update Or Add New Record is a method that takes seven parameters.For those who do not know on how to generate Events in Grid View you can follow these steps below: Hi, This is Mudassar Khan. Net Question Answer site, specially started to allow visitors of this site ask their doubts and queries. Just click the Ask Now button and ask your question now.Now you can ask questions directly to me on my new site ASPForums. In particular, we created a page that listed the contents of the current directory.Anyone could visit this page, but only authenticated users could view the files' contents and only Tito could delete the files.Six of those parameters basically come from the Text Box values that were entered in the page.The last parameter is a boolean value which tells the method whether to execute an Insert (false) or Update (true). In-order to perform Edit and Update in Grid View we need to use three events ( Grid View_Row Editing, Grid View_Row Canceling Edit , Grid View_Row Updating).Following that, we will look at using declarative and programmatic means for altering the data displayed and the functionality offered by an ASP. As we discussed in the method will be called on every request to a page that is protected by the role-based URL authorization rules.Rather than have to lookup the role information in the database on every request, the Roles framework includes an option to cache the user's roles in a cookie.Now you should be able to view the three protected pages.Figure 5: Tito Can Visit the Note When specifying URL authorization rules – for roles or users – it is important to keep in mind that the rules are analyzed one at a time, from the top down.


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