Rules for dating my daughter from mom

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Any other mistake, not related to her personal safety, could be fixed, moved on from, or learned from.In that case, it doesn’t make any sense that you all have to stick together. Obviously you should help your companion if they’re drunk or you think they’re making a bad move. Worse, here’s how the rule ends: “No one goes to the restroom alone. No one is left alone, period.” No one goes to the bathroom alone?Didn’t we discuss this last week — regarding 5-year-olds?Whoever you go out with, you stay with, and leave with – NO-ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND, PERIOD!There is no situation and no exception to this rule as far as I’m concerned. As parents, we all wonder if our kids are listening to us when we talk – I know I do daily.Talk to them, talk to them again, and then talk to them some more.I’m a realistic and modern mother – I didn’t make her promise not to drink or have sex.What the writer means is, when you go out with your friends to a bar or party, no one should get left behind.That sounds pretty good to me — unless one of your friends lets you know that she wants to stay later than you, or go home with someone else.The one at my daughter’s school runs until 3am, so there was no reason that she ever had to walk back to her dorm from the library or dining hall alone at night.Each school has its own name for this transportation and many make it as simple as clicking an app on your phone.


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