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The adjective most often used to describe Sandra Bernhard is 'scary'.

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'She's not a sassy smarty-pants kind of kid; she's a good girl.' In fact, she says, Cicely sometimes finds her embarrassing. Women sitting in the kitchen cooking their meals and not complaining about anything, quietly suffering? The only good thing about the good oil' days was people being a little bit more withdrawn about expressing their opinions. I just think I've learnt how to temper my emotions for different situations. The youngest of four children, with three brothers, she was born in Flint, Michigan, in 1955. 'I worked as a manicurist and performed at comedy clubs. I didn't think it was going to be a success either because the pilot wasn't very good.' Has she regretted it since?

'She doesn't like it if we're out for dinner and I start singing. Women having no reproductive rights, no protection in the workplace? That's the only thing we can go back to as far as I'm concerned.' It seems an odd thing for this notoriously outspoken performer to say. I do think twice about saying certain things, otherwise it turns up on the Huffington Post [the influential political blog] the next day taken out of context.' In a show two years ago Bernhard characteristically pushed it too far when she said that if Palin showed up in Manhattan she hoped she would be 'gang-raped by my big black brothers'. I just showed up on open-mike nights and started to climb the ladder. 'It didn't quite segue.' Later she took the role of Nancy Bartlett in the sitcom Roseanne and was offered the part of Miranda in Sex and the City. 'On some level but I don't think I'd be that much further along in terms of money.

'We decided it was time for her to give that a full-time shot.

It's good to be able to support somebody to be able to do that.' Bernhard also talks openly about her decision to have her daughter, although she has never revealed her paternity.

For several years the two were inseparable and there was speculation that she and Madonna were more than just friends, a rumour Bernhard bolstered during a double appearance on David Letterman's Late Show in 1988, when she told Letterman that she had slept with Sean Penn [Madonna's husband at the time], then turned to Madonna and said, 'You were much better.' On Larry King Live, Bernhard described herself as a 'hot gay chick'. She wears a grey long-sleeved T-shirt, faded jeans and Ugg boots; her reddish-brown hair is unusually straight and she wears little make-up.

At first I don't even recognise her – until she smiles. She is often described as jolie laide – in repose her face is unremarkable, but animated she is striking.Paulson posted on her Instagram page a photo of Bernhard performing onstage, writing, "If you want to know what's up. @joespub." in an interview posted earlier this month. Get to it if you can @sandragbernhard I ❤️you and what you do.She recently described Sarah Palin as a 'turncoat bitch'.In interviews she has a reputation for being stroppy.'Whenever a woman is very strong and forthright and doesn't kowtow to people it's interpreted as scary.I don't think of myself as scary, I think of myself as formidable.' For 30 years Bernhard, now 55, has occupied a peculiar place in American culture.We bumped into each other later and just connected.It's a great relationship; she's a really solid person.' Switzer, who has been with Bernhard for more than a decade, gave up her job a few weeks ago to devote her time to writing film scripts.She'll tell me to stop it – I don't blame her, I understand, so I pull in the reins, put the focus on her.' In New York, says Bernhard, no one bats an eyelid at the fact that Cicely has two mothers. It's not so much about being good, it's about tenacity and honing your craft.' In 1982 Bernhard starred as Masha, an obsessive stalker, in Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy, a role she executed so well she looked destined to become a Hollywood star. Also I don't like necessarily what it did to the way women think about themselves.' Bernhard is of course a feminist – despite volunteering to pose naked in Playboy in 1992.'The only people that are giving us a hard time are the 65 and older crowd. 'I'm a post-feminist mostly as a result of the women who came before me.


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