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Our Group is ever striving to consolidate its assets and capabilities to capitalise on the latest market trends and business prospects that will help push our Group forward with minimal risks towards more growth and profitability.CORPORATE ETHICS Integrity and honesty are key ingredients to good corporate governance for our Group.

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The Group traces its beginning as a sole proprietorship in 1975, when Mr.

Mohamed Salleh Marican started a men’s tailoring business, which failed 4 months later.

After understanding the causes and realising that the situation was insurmountable, Salleh made the painful decision to close all the stores.

By 1992, the chain was down to four stores when he opened First Lady, a boutique retailing Malay ladies traditional clothing.

In March 2004, the Company was transferred to the Main Board of SGX.

Today, rental income is the top contributor to Group’s profits.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY As part of each and every one’s efforts in the Group to be a good corporate citizen, we believe in giving back to society what we have gained.

We will endeavour to spend at least 1% of our Group’s net profit of the preceding year on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.

This segment recorded a profit of S.27 million in FY 2015 with contribution of revenue amounting to S.21 million.

APPAREL RETAIL We believe that bigger and more sophisticated specialty retail stores would be the way to go in the future.


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