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This doesn’t necessarily mean talking therapy, but there are some phenomenal new therapies to help deal with past traumas that can alleviate a great deal of the emotional entanglements associated with being a survivor.

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The body will go through changes as it passes the thirty year mark.

And for the most part, these changes are naturally occurring beautiful changes that make a woman a woman and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Once again dealing with the issues head on can lead to a resolved issue.

There is no guarantee that these issues won’t happen again and there is no denying that sexual involvement is an emotional risk, but hiding from intimacy will never resolve the issue.

Significant others who were perhaps less than complimentary or who felt that their divorce was in part due to sexual problems (such as not enough of it) can leave a woman feeling as though she might not be adequate for her new sexual life. Expressing self doubt is a method of dealing with the issue that comes highly recommended.

Actions can be misconstrued, especially those of hesitation.

Giving in too soon makes a woman a slut but refusing too long makes her a prude.

Women have never had a fair shake in the sexual categories of life, and only now are those concepts and feelings toward women and sex beginning to change at least within the gender.

Many middle aged women have serious intimacy issues based on unresolved childhood events.

Regardless of age, orientation, sexual function or dysfunction, women who were sexually abused as children and have never had appropriate therapies to resolve the abuse should find some form of workable therapy.


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