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Baylor does have a policy statement on sexuality; however it does not mention oral sex.The human sexuality professors at Baylor declined to comment on this issue.The 2007 Pediatrics Journal study showed adolescents believe oral sex will result in fewer physical health, social and emotional risks than vaginal sex.

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Josh* said the only sex-education class he remembers was in the fifth grade, and he said it felt like a task that teachers wanted to get done as quickly as possible.

However, shortly after learning about it in school, Josh said his parents bought a sex-education book that they discussed together.

She also founded Scott & White Worth the Wait, a sex education program developed at Scott & White, a major research hospital based in Temple.

Sulak founded the program 11 years ago after her children's principal asked her to address the lack of sex education in public schools.

"I am amazed how many people's parents never talked to them," he said.

Madison said she thinks the church should more thoroughly address sex as well.From a health and legal standpoint, oral sex is considered sex.However, many students find the issue of oral sex confusing and ambiguous, due in part to the avoidance of discussion about the subject, particularly in religious contexts. Burt Burleson, university chaplain, said he believes it is the responsibility of ministers and health professionals to educate young people on the issue of oral sex."The adults have been silent, and it has left young people vulnerable.It is unfair for young people to be left without the facts to protect themselves," said Pat Stone, educational director of Planned Parenthood in Waco."Those of us who are in positions to make a difference often get disconnected from what is real," he said.Burleson said it's not their lack of conviction that oral sex is sex, but a lack of awareness about college culture that keeps adults from talking to young people about it.The thought never crossed my mind that it could be dangerous for me." Josh* said he was aware protection was necessary during oral sex, and he was conscious of the health risks involved with oral sex."I would never even consider doing something like that unless I knew their sexual history," Josh said.Oral sex is included in the definition of sex according to the Texas Penal Code."Whether you are a Christian or not, the definition of sexual contact in the law is vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex," Dr. Sulak is a practicing OB-GYN and professor at Texas A&M Medical School.


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