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The music world won't soon recover from the loss of one of its greatest icons — Prince has died at the age of 57.

The "Little Red Corvette" singer leaves behind a huge legacy, and had an impact on fans all over the world.

As the name indicates, this tends to be the gender dynamic of a male hero and a female villain.

A female hero and a male villain is far rarer, but not unheard of (speculation as to why this gender dynamic occurs can be found on the Analysis page).

Mc Andrews mostly photographed in the morning and afternoons when the brothels were quiet.

Because he was shooting with a large-format camera on a tripod, he would have to pack up his gear when guests arrived, so as not to spook them.

It's easy to go on and on about his many artistic accolades, his impressive library of work, and his inimitable style, because the singer was certainly well loved.

And, as Prince's dating history shows, that carried into his personal life, too.

(He wouldn’t say which girl was the teacher.) The business is often a family affair.

At Sharon's Bar and Brothel in Carlin, 'Whorehouse Charlie' and his mom, 'Miss Pat' run the business together.


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