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The polite thing to do is to ask them about their welfare, eg. The use if hand gestures and body language is very common. Tell a fun story about your self - not about them, or anyone that they might know, because this might offend them. If you are a woman, you will often be asked if you are married or soon-to-be.Topics to avoid would be references to specific individuals, such as the person’s spouse. Silence is important; do not rush them to respond to your questions. For some it is a way of determining whether you are single, for others it helps them to assess how to relate to you (i.e.The most important thing to understand about Zambians is probably the devotion to "belonging".

" If you do not believe in God you may be treading into very sensitive waters if you say so.

Other religions are acceptable; what is important is that you believe in some form of God.

If the people you are talking with are understanding, they may let the issue rest, but you may find yourself invited to church by some of the more persistent people.

Sarcasm is not typically a form of humour that is understood.

Zambians tend to communicate at very close proximity with people of the same sex.


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