Sexbots to worship chat rooms

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As these sex robots have more and more human characteristics so that these can be programmed to respond to queries or express satisfaction during intimate acts.This behavior is reflected in their interactions, theories, social behavior and also in changing the laws of a nation. When feminists themselves nurture so much hatred against men, how can they expect men to be faithful and helpful to them?After all, men are humans too, they also need affection, love and when the females in the form of humans refuse that, when females show males only as beasts, rapists etc. On the contrary, men were never threatened in any manner by the invention of male sex robot because men never use sex as a weapon to control everything.This is how human psychology has evolved over time and can adapt to changes.Inventors also outline other benefits of this invention.”, kept benefitting from all scientific inventions made by men.This time the male engineers have developed sex toys for men before they did for women.The popularity of fembots in US and UK is increasing.With these priced around USD 10,000, psychologists explain why fembots are more popular than its male counterpart.Female sexuality exhibits itself in a more complex form and thus women are not easily excited by inventions like these. They can be programmed to say words that a man wants to hear from his companion, never deny sex and even act as a female companion in need.Some say that the best part is these fembots will not cheat you, sleep around and will ask for maintenance or child support, above all these fembots will never cry rape.


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