Sexual slang definition accomodating

Agonist: The muscle directly engaged in contraction that is primarily responsible for movement of a body part.When you do barbell curls, the bicep muscle in the agonist.Anaerobic Exercise: An exercise where the oxygen demands of the muscles are so high that the body can’t replenish it quickly enough.

Abs: This is an abbreviation for abdominal muscles.

Actin: A protein found in muscle fibers that acts with myosin to bring about muscle contraction and relaxation.

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Amino acids not produced in the body are known as essential amino acids, while amino acids produced in the body are known as non-essential amino acids.

Anabolic Steroids: A drug that that mimics the muscle building characteristics of the male hormone testosterone.

Sprinting and weight training are examples of Anaerobic Exercise.

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Movement of a body part away from the middle of the body.

If you have your arms at your side, then you raise your arms so they are level with your shoulders, like wings on an airplane.


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