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Haglin then told Mc Graw that she tried to get out of the relationship, but the student said he would “light a match and burn down (her) life.” Haglin said she was scared to leave the relationship.

She met the boy when she was a student teacher at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids. She started chatting with the boy on Facebook and through text in September 2015, and the relationship became physical in October 2015 , she said.

On the show, she said she was vulnerable and confided in the student.

“One night after a particularly bad night with my boyfriend, we had gotten into a big fight, and the next day I looked at his message and thought, ‘I’m just going to respond.’” RELATED: Haglin admitted having sex daily with the student in her car at a public park, in his car, at his mother’s house and at his father’s house.

In Iowa, teachers are prohibited from having sexual contact with students, even if the student is 18.


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