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Katy Perry knows how to make her mom feel special on her birthday -- get an entire concert audience to sing to her live on a ridiculously huge phone.Katy -- or "Feather" as her mother, Mary, calls her -- took some stage time during her show in Tampa Friday night to call up Mom for her 70th birthday ... Mary then gave the crowd of 10,000 something to look forward to when they get to her age.

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The new animated feature "How the Hampsters Saved Winter" is now available on DVD.

Join the Hampsters (Hampton, Dixie, Fuzzy and Hado) on a snowy adventure where they help make a family's dream come true.

Just two weeks later, King was shot and killed at the Lorraine Motel.

When the singers heard the news, their voices fell silent.

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Get the latest news and annoucements before anyone else."We kept thinking, 'Boy, Memphis sure is a filthy city.'"At the time, they didn't realize Memphis sanitation workers had walked off the job five weeks earlier, demanding equal pay and better working conditions. King was staying here when you guys did check in here? But their choir director knew, and planned an impromptu performance for King. "I think the thing that put a gleam in our eyes was to know that we were going to sing now for Dr. It was one of the last performances King would ever hear."He was just overwhelmed with it," said Duckens. I'll never forget his face."It lasts just one minute and 48 seconds.On that March day, fate would bring the singers together with a civil rights icon. King, our idol," said Berry."My thing was, I was trying to find my pitch, I was trying to find my key," said Perkins."So did you find your pitch? But the impact was beyond measure."We knew it was important to sing for him, but we did not realize the importance of what this man was doing here in Memphis," said Odom.Woke up to wish my mom a happy 70th birthday today to find my brother evacuating them from the insane #Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara County that has kicked up once again...praying for the firefighters & first responders that are fighting it back as best they can.Even Angeles is jacking its sex bars girlie prices up , but its got a long way to go , to catch up to relatively expensive EDSA and P. Remember in your travels , classy buildings , furnishings , classy gear on the girls ….. Take the gift wrapping off and you have same girls as in cheaper places (eg Angeles).Also , attitudes are usually better at the less expensive places.Also it happens , where the guy pays for all night and after the first shag she’s off and back to the bar/wherever , looking for another ‘fish’.In such cases , the bar management will support the girl , so its best just to cop it on the chin , if this happens.However , for those who want to read about Manila Go Go Bar scene , here it is : . Firstly Makati, which had a reasonably good reputation years ago for the prettiest girls. Because Makati itself is an expensive area and the prices at P. Burgos and have an objective look at the girls there , then on same night , head back to EDSA , and see where you think the value is …However with ever increasing unrealistic prices at Makati = less customers = pretty girls went elsewhere. Burgos expensive , guys start to think ‘classy’ sex working girls are to be found there. Angeles City (see separate page/s) is better value , in my opinion.


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