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Later in high school I asked Andrew, a boy I’d liked for over a year, to a dance.

Later in high school I asked Andrew, a boy I’d liked for over a year, to a dance.He said yes, only to back out the next day because he was hoping that somebody better would ask him. I got stepped on, and I never said anything because I thought that was the best I could get.

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By the time I was twenty, I had no confidence in my romantic life. That’s how I ended up sitting on a folding chair in a dungeon, hoping to find my pussy power and my inner domme.

I’d met some women within the BDSM community in New York City, including professional dominatrices, and was blown away by their self-confidence.

Two years later, I would fill Tim’s locker with his favorite candy to ask him to Sadie Hawkins — and be rejected again. A week after my deflowering — which was at a party where I had been drinking — I saw him kissing a girl at another party that had invited me to. And the bad luck continued in college: There was the depressive actor who was great in bed but could only talk about how much he hated himself; the sexy Australian composer who conveniently forgot to tell me that he had a girlfriend; the game designer in London who I trusted and told my secrets to, and never heard from again after I slept with him; the filmmaker who pushed me to be more creative, and happened to live with his mom who has the same name as me.

My freshman year of college, I lost my virginity to one of the school’s coveted a cappella stars. There was the sports lover whom I had nothing in common with, who published a series of love letters to me after I told him we shouldn’t see each other; the singer from my writing class who held and kissed me in the street, then pretended I didn’t exist the following day; and the friend who got drunk and told me he was in love with me, only to ignore me the following day. I was sure that the universe was going to keep throwing damaging relationships at me, no matter how hard I tried to avoid them.

* * * Growing up, my sister was six years older than me and as many times cooler.

She dated Calvin Klein underwear models and went on free trips to the Hamptons with handsome men.

Did he think that I was a dominatrix on my way to work?

To my surprise, the way he looked at me, with utter submission, made me feel powerful. When I arrived at the top of the stairs, I felt less shaken than I had on the street, albeit out of breath.

There was no way that the sex dungeon I was looking for was in a sushi restaurant…right? I’d only started exploring kink two weeks earlier, and now here I was searching the back of a sushi restaurant for the sign of the class I’d signed up for, “Secrets of the World’s Greatest Dominatrix.” “You looking for Cyn Studios? I nodded, and felt my confidence increase just a tiny bit; if this stranger could possibly imagine me in a room filled with whips and floggers, maybe I wasn’t so lost after all.

The man directed me up eight flights of stairs, and as I began my ascent up I awkwardly sidled past another man who glanced at me quickly and then stared, hard, at the floor.


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