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The best speed limits are limits that drivers understand and respect.

If people think they can speed on motorways and get away with it, they are more likely to speed on urban roads.

In the former, there’s a montage where Sebastian and Mia run all around LA (e.g., riding cable cars and going to the beach and other special places).

In the latter, Tom shows Summer the city’s architectural beauty.

“We saw all of the lesbian bars closing in Austin, and instead of getting pissed off, we realized that maybe the typical model doesn’t work for our community,” Ayala says.

They found that having events once or twice a month was better for community-building than having a bar open nightly. Built in 2002 on a 3 acres lot located in rural area, just a few minutes from all services and 20min from downtown Ottawa. He was last seen on the evening of April 24th on Ash Valley Avenue in Barrhaven. He is brownish grey with white chin, cheeks, chest and belly. “For years the only options were on the West Coast or East Coast, which is pricey and difficult to get to for Texas women,” Ayala says.“We now have our own space on the third coast with easy access from San Antonio and surrounding cities.” The group continues to host events in Austin, currently at the bar Sellers Underground, and San Antonio women are welcome to attend.“With all of the legislation happening in Texas that targets trans women in particular, we are adamant in making sure that they have a space and experience where they can be themselves freely.” The Wolfpack plans to eventually host parties throughout Texas, including San Antonio, and also outside the state.Yes, their events are a blast — I’ve been to a few myself — but their mission for the community goes beyond parties.She hopes those who were once in her shoes — “little girls in East Texas who think they might be gay” — can see how successful, happy and fulfilled queer women can be. Movies like “La La Land” and “500 Days of Summer,” among others, are like love letters to Los Angeles, showcasing all the city has to offer: the culture, the entertainment, the food, the weather, you name it.West, a former sorority girl and debutante, goes by the first moniker. L&B for short, the two began throwing free events in Austin for LGBTQ women.After seeing this group’s hunger for community, they decided to go bigger.


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