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'Flamingo', tk 7, is of course 'Flaming.' Track 11 a.k.a. Though some tracks are the same than on the Harvested ROIO "Dawn of the Piper", this one is a must-have for completist and early-years collectors, especially for the outtakes included and the rare high quality sound. Pink Floyd - UMMA & GUMMA Ummagumma Revisited [Furry Animal 2004 3CD yeeshkul 2605] "Revisiting UMMAGUMMA as if it was a band-album, including left-overs and alternate versions, plus some home-made edits. CD 1 is taken from studio sessions and attempts to recreate Ummagumma. THE '70s Pink Floyd - Broadcasting From Europa 1 [Free Range Pigs 1CD] Live at Theatre de Champs Elysees, Paris, Jan 23 1970 [Ex FM] Live at Palais des Sports, Lyon, France, June 12 1971 [VG FM].

Except the last track which sounds as it's been recorded through a tin can with a recorder having speed problems. Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother [Quadra Disc 3CD] CD1 4 Channel Mix of Atom Heart Mother. CD2 and 3 are live to recreate how Ummagumma would have sounded as a live concert. Pink Floyd - Two Radio Broadcasts [Free Range Pigs 1CD] 3 tracks live at Hotel de Champs-Elysees a Paris, France on January 23, 1970 ( ).

Collectorsmusicreview said "The main bulk of this release spans Syd's solo releases with a dash of Pink Floyd on the side to exemplify his work within that group. If you need just one concise Syd Barrett bootleg in your collection, then this would be the one." - needledrop. Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1967-1968 [Harvested 008 1CD] BBC sessions recorded Sept 27 1967; Dec 20 1967; June 25 1968; Dec 2 1968 and May 12 1969. Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1967-1979: Revision A [Harvested 1CD Torrent: 147776] "Back when this title was orginally released, Marc-Olivier did an exhaustive comparison between it and the ROIO known as "At Dawn v4.00". He had several contacts within the European radio community.

Vol 4 1967-1974: 2010 UPGRADE [Laughing Madcaps 2CD demonoid 2425347] live, studio and rarities. These are Barrett's demos, acetates and alt mixes from 1965 to 1974. Mono material appears in true mono and not re-processed stereo. I have tried to present the best sonic experience possible without compromising the integrity of the source material at hand. The band were originally slated to do the entire soundtrack but the director changed his mind. Pink Floyd - The Upgrade of Four Famous Zabriskie Point Outtakes [no label 1CD yeeshkul 83897] This version has pops fixed and speed corrected. He ripped his using EAC and burned it to audio for me onto Kodak Gold CDRs back in 1998.

THE '60s Magnesium Proverbs [no label] - Syd Barrett rarities from 1966-'70 Syd Barrett - HAVE YOU GOT IT YET? Syd Barrett - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind [Westwood 2CD] rarities from 1967 - 1974, demos, sessions, BBC. VG - EX SBD stereo/mono Syd Barrett - Beyond Rhyme Nor Reason [Flux & Reflux 6CD] This looks like it is a compact version of the huge fan project Have You Got It Yet? Each one had its strong points in different areas and he suggested an amalgamation of the two. But due to "old age" of the tapes, the original BBC6769 Harvested release had some channel balance problems. Pink Floyd - Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen [no label 1CD] live Sept 13 1967. EMI officially released a CD in 1995 with the original 11 songs. Pink Floyd - High Time Vinyl Bootleg [A Doinker Tape 1CD dime 296473] This is the Sodium Haze Records released in Europe a long time ago. Pink Floyd - High Time [a Doinkertape 1CD losslesslegs] Tks 1-3 live on Rome Goes Pop! Tks 4-7 live in London, John Peel's Night Ride, May 12, 1968. Pink Floyd - BBC Pig Out [no label 1CD] **/**/68 BBC 68 live at Aeolian Hall. ["PINK FLOYD-BBC PIG OUT" [Instant Analysis Records], rare BBC radio recordings, recorded June 25 1968 at number 2 studio BBC Aeolian Hall, London. Let There Be More Light 4 Julia Dream] Pink Floyd - Beset By Creatures Of The Deep [no label 1CD] this is MP3 sourced of the Digital Floyd disc minus last track. This was banned by Dime as the folks at Yeeshkul also have a copy from the master reel. Pink Floyd - The Unbroken Sequence 1969 [no label 1CD yeeshkul 46698] 1 long track reassembled from BBC Night Ride Session, May 12, 1969. 3 tracks from BBC Aeolian Hall, London, June 25, 1968. (The trader had all the Floyd he could ever want, apparently.)" Ex SBD stereo.

Presumably lifted from the epic 17 Internet tree'd CD set "Have You Got It Yet" this makes a far more interesting listening experience than the bigger set." VG to Ex. He found neither entity to be superior to the other. DATA FILE ONLY Relics [no label] - bootleg of the original Relics album with 8 bonus tracks. Murderistic woman [aka Careful With That Axe, Eugene] 2 The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules 3. It should be noted that the complete Amsterdam 1969 show takes up 2CDs. Pink Floyd - Rhapsody In Pink: BBC Sessions 1968-1971 VINYL RIP 24/96 [Anderson Council Records demonoid 2978659] From original 1990 2LP bootleg. As I recall my source got this by burying his Euro contact with tons of live Neil Young before the guy gave up a copy.

This recording is taken from the Europa 1 Radio France broadcast from sometime in June 1971. Pink Floyd - KQED: Sonic Upgrade [Harvested HRV CDR 034 1CD yeeshkul 79004] live at KQED studios, San Francisco, Apr 30, 1970. Source audience recording 1st generation reel tape. Same as Phenomena but disc two is identified as live Paris Theatre, Oct 3 1971. Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1970-1971: The Paris Cinema Sessions REV A [Harvested CDR007B Rev A 1CD Yeeshkul 44553] Tks 1-6 live at Paris Cinema, London, July 16, 1970. Sources - BBC Transcription LP (Fat Old Sun, One Of These Days, Echoes); 1st gen cassette (Embryo, Blues); BBC Radio One Master Reels* (John Peel intros) *mono. Atom Heart Mother performed with the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble Orchestra and the John Aldiss Choir directed by John Aldiss. "The present torrent "BBC Radio One Master Reels" has no frequencies missing, but there are signs of processing (EQing), as buffalofloyd suggested in his first post.

This is a speed corrected, two channel recording, unlike the one channel recording or AM broadcasts that have been heavily circulated. PINK FLOYD - 2CD 02/28/70 Six of one / Leeds Refectory hall Pink Floyd - Six Of One: REV A [Harvested 2CD yeeshkul 68702] live at Refectory Hall, Leeds University, England, Feb 28, 1970. Pink Floyd - Port Chester 1970 [Sirene 2CD ZOMB 4628] live at Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, New York, Apr 22, 1970. Interstellar Encore [Pigs On The Wing 2CD] - Live Fillmore West, Apr 29 1970. Pink Floyd - KQED 1970 [no label 1CD] live at Fillmore West, San Francisco as recorded for KQED, Apr 29 1970. Pink Floyd - BBC Paris Theatre 1970 [no label 1CD Torrent: 63091] live at BBC Paris Theatre, London, July 16, 1970 with John Alldis Choir and orchestra and the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble. Pink Floyd - BBC Archives [Sirene 2CD] CD1 live at BBC Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street, London, July 16, 1970 with John Peel's intro. Pink Floyd - BBC Archives [Ayanami 2CD] 7/16/70 London & 9/30/1971. The loud parts have a good amount of high frequencies, and when it comes to quieter parts, the spectrum shows an attenuation of high frequencies (as if a kind of "dynamic hiss reduction" tool was used).

Sources used: Celestial Instruments (2007 bootleg, MOB remaster) Relics (1996 remaster) Soundtrack to the Film 'More' (1987 remaster) Ummagumma (1994 remaster) Zabriskie Point (1997 remaster) Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY Pink Floyd - Cast Your Thoughts Back Many Years [Barfing Spaniel Recordings 2CD planetrock 27325] live at Concertgebow, Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 17, 1969. Pink Floyd - Interstellar Zappadrive [Harvested HRV CDR031 2CD mindwarp 801] live at Festival Actuel, Amougies, Belgium, Oct 25, 1969. CD2 has three tracks b'cast on radio and are soundboard recordings. Pink Floyd - Intersteller Overdrive: Alternate Masters 66-68 [ESRF 1CD] Released in 2002.

This is the complete soundboard source as recorded by Hilversum 3 Radio in the Netherlands. Here are two reviews: "As an exploration of Pink Floyd's early history, this 17-song bootleg CD has virtually no peer -- beginning with "Lucy Leave," a crunchy two-chord Syd Barrett-authored rocker dating from the group's first session in October 1966, it just grabs listeners and never lets them go.


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