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The problem becomes that we have no way of knowing if Alex is truly like this, or just appeared that way due to how the show was framed.

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Reality television comes with its own special slew of problems.

It’s rarely real, often derisive, and always needs to tell a story (even if one isn’t there to tell). But at least with ’s new makeover, there appears to be a genuine attempt to show how difficult it can be to put yourself out in the open for the sake of finding that missing piece.

She’s blonde and beautiful, but don’t let that deceive you…” Thanks for that, guys.) In addition, Alex seems to be poster boy for the way that male geeks are consistently portrayed. He handles the date part well, in fact, but the woman who picks him tells him immediately afterward that she’s only interested in being friends.

A man who still lives with his parents, is constantly told by women that they would rather just be his friend, and whose favorite (only? It is unclear what changed her mind, which doesn’t help (it might be that he admits to still living with his parents?

The viewer is dragged, slack-jawed, into an awareness of a problem so many women face.

(The show itself otherwise does nothing to ease this issue; in the written teaser for Casey’s episode on You Tube, they begin by saying, “Casey Anne is not your typical geek.From rich housewives to country bumpkins to suburbanites with packing crates full of kids, no one is saved from torment. The premise of allows the show a plethora of colorful characters due to its basic premise—we’re following individuals who signed up for New York Comic Con’s speed dating event last year.So how do you engage the geek community with a reality show about themselves without alienating them? Speed dating alone is fodder enough for comedy, but now we’re getting it with the buzz of a con atmosphere and plenty of costumed heroes to grab quotes from.Different sexualities would be a definite plus, though it’s unclear from the glimpses we get of the speed dating circuit how they handle that.(They do, kindly, make sure to ask which gender each participant is interested in, so they must have a way of handling it.) The actual format of the event is awkward, with the women sitting down in front of the man they prefer—what happens if two women liked the same guy?Brittany began each of her dates by rattling off a concise list: her interests, her job, etc.There were a couple of men who looked like contenders (many were extremely put off by her utilitarian style), but the one she settled on started out by giving his own similar list.Nerd Nite Orlando recently celebrated its 5-year anniversary and announced production of a documentary film.This documentary will explore the decentralized structure of Nerd Nite, its infectious spreading to new cities all around the world and how it has helped people gain confidence, discover their identity, and build meaningful relationships.), and since there are no other male contestant episodes so far, it remains to be seen how men will come off on the show overall.Still, Alex’s dating woes are not utterly foreign to men who don’t read comic books—he is a type often seen on dating shows, often similarly getting the shaft for not appearing to have any prospects or goals.


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