Ssrs linked reports not updating

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If your report is refreshing its underlying data every 10 seconds, that's a lot of data traffic you're creating.

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In the Report-Server-Default-Setting it tracks all report executions and keeps them for 60 days.

You can check and set this option here: Or Connect the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to the Report Server Instance, right click on it and select properties.

SQL Reporting services provides a concept called linked reports, and you can use the same concept to fulfill the requirements.

Before we start creating linked report in SSRS, we have to change the filter settings.

In this scenario, it is standard to keep the format/features of all the reports belonging to a particular application or particular customer the same/consistent.

And when multiple developers work on each of the different reports, there is a possibility of slight variation in the formatting like fonts, size, padding, alignment, and so on.All these reports fill up the folders and users might not know which one is the current one? We get the same view when browsing the folder in the Report Manager: You can set this property in the settings in the Report Manager: Checking this box will update the Dbo.Now we'd like to tidy up the Report Server Manager and present only the In-Use Reports to the user. Catalog-Table: And the Report is not shown in the Overview-Page any more: Second information we need is when was this report used the last time.Having said this, we also know all Reports not listed here were not executed within the last 60 days.Now we know about all the existing Reports and do have information about their executions.After seeing the report, Sales Manager of the Clothing department asked us to develop the same report for Clothing.In this situation you don’t have to create a new report from the scratch.In the dialog select "Logging": If this setting is enabled we can use the already existing Execution Log-Views in the SSRS.With every new Version of SSRS a new View was added.Now the challenge is, at the enterprise level there might be several departments/developers creating reports, so how do you ensure report layout consistency?Some methods are described here for ensuring consistency across all reports.


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