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then write something like this, ("This applet is to fix verification issues involving Portal 2.", make sure that you include the speech marks and comma at the end. Now we will just write 16, "Verification error Fix app Info") this just specifies the popup box icon and the title bar text. Now as long as you keep the auto updating turned off for KBAP, and don't manually try to validate the files for KBAP, you should be good to go.

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I've run into an issue where when I run "Verify integrity of game cache" it ALWAYS finds files to validate.As megakill is aware of the issue, he will be checking with Steam, but in the meantime if you have an issue of losing the expansion pack (i.e.can't see the new main menu screen, it still looks like KBAP's main menu, then you may be experiencing this issue with Steam and KBAP, KBCR) then validate KBCR and do NOT try to play KBAP, only play KB Crossworlds until they have a fix for this issue.Hope this helps anybody else that might be experiencing this issue too and I know there are a few at least.If you are receiving this message your validation was successful. Ensuring sterility and preventing cross-contamination are critical elements of ensuring quality product production.When processing systems aren’t completely cleaned between production runs, leftover compounds, contaminant soils, and cleaning agent residue can negatively impact the safety or effectiveness your pharmaceutical drugs, biologics, or other products.The issue being that Steam goes into some kind of a loop of validating KBAP's content, then Steam validates KBCR(crossworlds) content.What I believe is happening is that because both KBAP and KBCR are installed in the same folder, they are both downloading files that are used by both of the games but which are not exactly the same, so when steam goes to validate KBAP it downloads all the files that were added by KBCR, and when steam validates KBCR, it sees all the files are not the right ones that were downloaded in the validation of KBAP. Then turn off the option to update KBAP automatically in steam (right click name of game, and choose properties then turn off the auto updating) 2.Steam-in-place (SIP) cleaning uses the thermal energy of condensing steam for a controlled time to clean and disinfect the interior surfaces of bioreactors, vessels, tanks, piping, filters, and associated fittings "in place," without costly removal of the target equipment, or time-consuming disassembly of critical production lines.High-pressure steam is repeatedly introduced into the product-contacting areas of the processing system, for sufficient duration required to reduce bioburden and neutralize contaminants.


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