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The roof is above Starbucks, Clinton's and Boots and is three storeys high.

It came off a square tower attached to the building.'She was white, had dark hair and was wearing a dark grey, thin woollen dress.'According to one witness, there was confusion among first aiders about where to find a defibrillator.

A young mother and a lorry driver have been killed in yesterday's high winds, it emerged today, bringing the rising death toll from Storm Doris up to three.

A 32-year-old woman, who has not yet been named, was walking near her home in Swindon when the wind 'caught hold' of her pram and dragged her into the path of a roadsweeper.

I was having a cup of coffee on the first floor of Marks and Spencers, quite near the window opposite Starbucks.'I was looking out and I was right in position to see the building and suddenly this huge wooden boarding with metal on the back caught my eye.

It had been picked up by a huge gust of wind and obviously blown it up off the roof.'It was flying like a piece of paper, I thought it was going to come through the window so I immediately got up from my seat because my reaction was that it would kill someone.'It was like it was all happening in slow motion, the board then just fell down and bounced off her.The hearing will then be adjourned for a full inquest over the circumstances of her death to be determined by the coroner.Meanwhile, in Wolverhampton, hundreds of tributes have been posted for the woman who was killed by falling timber outside a Starbucks.Ed Blackwell, a store manager at the Mander Centre where the Starbucks is also located, said: 'Working in the city I have access to the link radio.'It was awful hearing the panic on the radio.One of the city's leading retailers were clearly distressed and asked twice for assistance regarding where they could get defibrillators from.'No response was given until later when she was told the ambulance was on their way'It's really concerning that there wasn't any health and safety awareness yesterday.'Whether defibrillators would of been useful isn't the point. Maybe lives could then be saved not lost.'Many went to the scene to lay tributes after the news broke.Eye-witnesses reported the woman was struck on the head by a wooden board that was ripped from a nearby roof and thrown 60ft through the air like 'a piece of paper'.Despite efforts by onlookers to revive the woman with CPR, she was bleeding heavily and passed away outside the coffee shop in Wolverhampton city centre.The store, which was closed yesterday, was reopened this morning as police continue their investigation into the incident.The woman's family have been informed of her death.It was all very brutal.'There was a lot of blood pouring from her head.She was being given CPR for about 15 to 20 minutes, but I could see by the amount of blood that it was going to be fruitless.'It came from the top of the roof from the row of shops quite high up.


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