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Artificial intelligence capabilities are three times better than the previous generation, Qualcomm said, and creep up in the camera, too, letting you do things like create a bokeh effect -- with the subject in focus and the background blurred -- using only one camera lens instead of two -- like on the .

(Apple's i Phones and others create a bokeh using two camera lenses).

Bluetooth 5 support means you can directly broadcast from your device to multiple devices, like speakers and wireless earbuds.

So imagine broadcasting HD-quality streaming music to a network of wireless speakers.

Don't expect to see much higher camera megapixels on phones running on Snapdragon 845: Qualcomm continues to cap sensors at 32 megapixels (the highest a phone maker can go while using the chip).

Other specs include 30fps photos with zero shutter lag.

That's the message Qualcomm hammered home as benefits that Snapdragon 845 will bring, especially when it comes to activities that drain resources, like video recording, playing games and using VR and AR.

Because you'll drain your battery slower on these big-ticket activities, your phone should last longer on a single charge.

The chip boasts improved image- and video-capture abilities, smarter artificial intelligence features, "lightning-fast connectivity," "vault-like security," and better performance and power efficiency.

In other words, the rumored could let you shoot more true-to-life video and photos, use a smart assistant to analyze the images, upload them quickly and keep them secure on your phone.


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