Teenage penpals and dating

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I\'m really excited about this opportunity and would love to get to know as much about the people, places, and culture of England.

It would be great to have a potential contact when I get there this September. Email: [email protected]: jean Age: 56Gender: female City: caerphilly Country: wales Hobbies: reading internet shopping About: i was born in salford in the fifties moved away in the sixties attended st bonifaces/st alberts .lived in enid street.salford 7.

"I did have other pen friends in Australia and they faded out within 12 months, but Jeannesse and I just stayed friends,” Ms Collins said.

The longevity of the correspondence could be down to curiosity, Ms Collins said, but Ms Byers said it could be because of their Zodiac signs.

This is proving to be a bit of a challenge in the area of Cheshire I\'ve found myself in. I\'m taking a photography class at school and I really enjoy it.

Email: [email protected]: agnes Age: 26Gender: female City: dundee Country: scotland Hobbies: keeping my figure,computer n finding a man b4 im 30??? still like laugh Email: [email protected] Name: Vicky Age: 20Gender: Female City: Cheshire Country: United Kingdom Hobbies: I\'m busy knitting Christmas presents right now, I really like knitting socks! I love reading- especially non fiction and I\'m currently getting to grips with American History and, of course that all importa About: I have recently moved to the area (about 20 mins from Stockport) and would really like to meet new, interesting people outside my work that are my age!Not knowing what each other looked like, Ms Collins had to say what she was wearing.When she left that New York trip, there were a few tears that were shed.Soon after, she got a call from America and they started to write again.In 1993, after more than 20 years of writing, they first met each other face to face.Email: [email protected] Name: Sinead Coyle Age: 17Gender: female City: derry Country: northern ireland Hobbies: love shopping, hanging with friends, clubbing and more shopping and headin off to gym and the best team ever man utd... Love having good time and i am a student currently studying travel studyies Email: [email protected]: David White Age: 27Gender: Male City: Manchester Country: UKHobbies: Aviation, Live Music, Travelling, Movies and Socialising About: I am a fun person but can ne a good shoulder and a good listerner i am always there for my friends Email: [email protected]: John Age: 21Gender: male City: Port Moresby Country: Papua New Guinea Hobbies: Playing soccer, Rugby League and swimming About: I\'m a student, studying mining engineering at the PNG University of Technology Email: [email protected] Name: robbie Age: 56Gender: male City: reading Country: england Hobbies: cooking military miniture models going out travel the countryside About: white van man ex army gsoh live in run down house im doing up Email: [email protected] Name: Milan Age: 19Gender: male City: Vancouver Country: Canada Hobbies: football, partying About: Im living in canada and coming to manchester in a couple of months. Email: [email protected]: Michelle Shankly Age: 21Gender: Female City: Stirling Country: Scotland Hobbies: football gaming clubbing About: I am 21 I like Manchester United football team and want to find out about Manchester and where to live as I want to move to Manchester.Email: [email protected] Name: Phil Age: 27Gender: Male City: Manchester Country: England Hobbies: ps3, gym, football, horror films, sci fi films, reading. Email: [email protected] Name: Ann Age: 16Gender: Female City: Columbus Country: United Steates Hobbies: Riding Bikes, Listening to Music, Hanging Out with my friends, & watching movies. Email: [email protected]: Geles Age: 27Gender: Female City: Aranjuez Country: Spain Hobbies: Music, animals, movies, going out with friends, learning languages About: I am a 27 years old spanish girl. I am currently studying through distance learning towards the final year of my degree and am missing academic life more than I thought. Email: [email protected]: Ruth Age: 33Gender: Female City: Indianapolis Country: USAHobbies: Reading, movie fan, coffee junkie, hiking,yoga About: I\'m friendly and interested in meeting people all over the world.She is travelling with her two daughters and grandson and will spend 10 days, visiting her friend and the sites of the region. Name: Rachael Age: 19Gender: Female City: Albany Country: United States Hobbies: Drinking, mall, movies, never studying, JRock About: I\'m a sophmore at SUNY Albany and I am looking forward to my year in Manchester. Email: [email protected]: Farhad Age: 42Gender: Male City: Manchester Country: England Hobbies: Reading, travelling, art, About: I am living alone.


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