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In this LIVE video workshop series, you’ll learn how to successfully date to meet your love! Not all the time, but if you date more than once or twice, the reality is it’s hard some of the time. I don’t want you to quit, not until you have what your heart desires.

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I’ll give you pro tips that will help avoid burn-out and have you enjoying the process. I’ll share some innovative tools my partner and I created for building partnership in new and uncommon ways that demonstrate that there is no one right way to be a great partner.

And for the hard part, I’ll offer dozens of ways to politely and gracefully say “no”, in all kinds of circumstances. Get ready for love with everything you need, over the phone or computer, without having to put on your shoes.

I’ll get you ready to give great “first date.” Ever wondered when is the right time to have sex for the first time to have it turn into a real relationship? We’ll talk about when to let yourself get intimate with your dating partner. Feel my love for you through the pages, not through a signature.

The answer is not hard and fast (no pun intended), and sometimes we misjudge our limits. This call is a no-holds-barred conversation about every aspect of sex that you pose. Ready for Love is the most up-to-date dating workshop series I offer.

We’ll cover the three reasons why, and discuss how you can find your own workaround to these blocks.

We’ll address the first date jitters and reset expectations. I’ll send you a copy of the book through an online store and it won’t be signed, sorry about that!

You’ll learn a healing exercise you can take with you throughout the series and beyond.

We’ll make sure you’re ready for your next big love.

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