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Now unto the approach: 3 things to keep in mind: -Approach Anxiety (the term we’ve all heard of) -Excuses -Emotions will take over logic If there’s ONE practical things you can get out of this tao of badass review, this is it. It’s like a muscle; if you don’t work on it, it won’t grow. Here is a direct quote from the book: “All you have to do to get rid of your approach anxiety once and for all is change that belief system.

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Women on the other hand, have a filtering mechanism.

They split the group of girls into two: Group A and Group B. (80 something, I forgot the exact percentage) of the girls found the man standing with the woman more attractive. Let me give you another concept that is given in the program.

They showed Group A a picture of a smiling man, standing by himself. They then showed Group B, the same picture of the smiling man, but standing next to a woman. They also used many different male subjects and switched the group of girls around as well. In fact, I’m going to give it to you DIRECTLY from the ACTUAL TAO OF BADASS BOOK itself.

But instead of getting liked or “social proofed” by both men and women, pre-selection only pertains to being liked or “selected” by ONLY women.

Basically, all it means, is that when you are seen with other women, There have been lots of studies on this, including other species (*cough* goldfish *cough*), which validate this theory.


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