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Whenever you go back, just take the cup in with you and refill it at the fountain. You can pick them up very cheap, and sometimes free, from most carpet and hardware stores. Great for a basement, playroom or even a hobby room. Wait until your beer is around one-third full, then get in the way of a member of the wait staff and make sure they "make" you spill your drink.They'll usually offer to get you a free replacement, and it will be FULL!

I spend an hour or two at Borders almost every evening and usually get through two brand new books every week. College kids throw things out with no regard for their worth.

They just want them gone, and they don't want to move them.

These things take so long to cool down that you can actually turn them off 5 minutes before the cooking time is up, and your dish will come out fine. If you're thinking of quitting a relationship, make sure you exit before any major anniversaries, birthdays or anything like that. It's been proven that most of us only use about 20% of the stuff in our closets, so why add more to that unused portion?

The last thing you want to do is buy an expensive present right before you go your separate ways. After a year, you will have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

If you've got some old wine laying around that isn't drinkable, you can turn it into vinegar.

Just pour it into a container, preferably a barrel, and let it age. You always get a bunch of extra ketchups, mustards, mayos and other condiments when you eat at a fast-food joint. Open them up and pour them into your bottled condiments at home. Also cut the hair of your children and the rest of your family. Cover the company's address with a label, put on your own stamp and use it for whatever you want. It was a joke at the time, but to be honest I think he's right on. It should be taught in every school.) and are usually available for free on Craigslist. Don't bring your own headache pills, tissues or drinks.

My neighbor comes over to use my edger, and I use his cultivator. They're just as effective in a smaller size and they will last you twice as long.

That means only six days a week of meals instead of seven. #30 - The flowers aren't for the dead people, they're for the mourners.

Cut them off, you'll cut the price by at least half!

To most kids, the sound of the ice cream truck is a sign to come inside and beg for money for an overpriced popsicle. I told my kids that when the ice cream truck plays a tune, he has ran out!


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