Tirana dating

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It was the time when Assad's chemical weapons had become a havoc that shook the world and each of us as well.

Albania has yet to catch the tourist bug; and there are many people who think it's for good reason. And what on Earth can you do there when you arrive?

This was the main place of Albanian resistance to the Ottoman invasions.

It was a fortress city, and now has a museum celebrating the life of the national hero, Skanderbeg, who defeated the Turks on a number of occasions after they had captured Constantinople, only to succumb to malaria in 1466.

He managed to delay the invasions for some 20 years, though their advance was only finally halted at Vienna in 1529.

Tirana dating

Alternatively, if you are into more modern history there is a fine example of the Fascist architectural style at one end of the main street (this is now part of the university) and there are some archetypal communist buildings too.

Tell people you are going to Tirana and they think you are doing something that is either dangerous or just plain crazy. That attitude is, depending on your perspective, either a relief – a place in Europe genuinely exotic and not yet full of stag parties – or becoming rapidly out of date.

Visit Tirana now and you will see a part of Europe yet to succumb to mass tourism, where you can still glimpse just how different some parts of our continent were a few generations ago.

On June 23 1 million volunteers joined as clear points of change that shaped the dividing line between the past and a common future.

The future of an Albania where the invaluable resources of the country are in the service of the well-being of each of its citizens. 11, when I addressed the parliament for the new government program, I started my word with the tragedy of the twin towers and the barbarity of the murderous regime in Syria.


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