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Some danced in ways that can only be described as “dirty” (I think I saw a woman possessed by the devil on the road). The overall impression I got was it is a time to do the things you WANT to do but normally would NEVER do.

To ban or not to ban those pesky cellphones at school.

That's what Trinidad and Tobago schools are pondering after students began posting lewd and violent videos of students in the classrooms, reports Newsday.

Look at those Indian and Pakistani girls and you’ll know what I’m talking about. So erotic and exotic, they may seem unreachable but as we see in these hot Indian sex videos, they are horny as hell and desperate for cock!

You can’t expect less from women who are the direct descendants of the great civilization that gave us Kamasutra!

Sassy Indian babes, sexy as fuck and ready to do all the kinky shit you can imagine.

Trinidadsex live cam

This country is so amazing, and there are so many great things going on that you can’t believe how great it is.

Where else would a stush executive who rules her office with an iron fist be seen prancing in a G-string and nipple pasties flinging wine on all and sundry! To taste almost absolute freedom, to express a otherwise hidden portion of themselves.

During my extensive facebook “research” on this topic I found that many women admitted to taking advantage of the relaxation of the normal rules to flirt. It was all good ole fashioned fun with none of the wild sex that we all imagine takes place in every nook and cranny during carnival (who started that rumor anyway). Trinidad carnival Monday and Tuesday are a marathon of exhibitionism, narcissism, voyeurism and other behaviors that would be unacceptable outside carnival, and you know what….. The secret is to find your (and surrounding persons) limits and abide by them.

No…he did not lose control and decide to swallow her whole, anaconda style.

He was lifting her up, they lost balance a bit and the perspective of the photo just made it look all wrong.


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