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La valeur actuelle de "file Deny Pattern" permet de télécharger / créer des fichiers avec le nom ".htaccess".

All pages have an ID number (UID) by which they can be linked and referenced.

The 'Page' record itself does not contain the content of the page.

In this case, it is not available as a webpage but is used internally in the Pagetree as a place to store items such as users, subscriptions, etc. As you can see it belongs in the root of the Pagetree and has a number of subpages pages under it. The available page types can be restricted for users so all of the options described above may not be visible.

Finally, some records may only be allowed on certain page types, but any record can be placed in a 'Folder.' The restrictions that apply to each Page Type is defined in the global array $PAGES_TYPES.


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