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But wait, there is more: you can also send gifts and flowers, and the agency will help you organize your visit to meet your dream bride.) into the search panel and you will find hundreds of current job listings, advertising vacancies for “models” and female “translators”, mostly in Ukraine.

Practices of PPL dating sites listing Ukrainian women are no secret: you must pay for every letter, chat, or minute of communication, much alike phone sex services advertised on the last pages of male magazines.People have to work together and they are used to learning new language in order to travel or work.It was already mentioned for example that in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains, people speak a dialect composed of 4 different languages .When you travel to Kiev, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, it is quite obvious to understand that Eastern European people live in much harsher conditions than what we are used to witnessing in our modern western countries.People have to work hard to survive and make a living in Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia if we exclude a small amount of Oligarchs who took advantages of wild capitalism at the end of communism.It gives you quite a different vision than what usual media advertise.Europe is an old continent with many different nations and language which had to coexist on a small territory compared to America.“Initially he enters your trust, tells how good and honest he is, pays the first salary, and then doesn’t pay for several months.” “Do not get involved with this scum. This is why when foreigners come to visit their prospective brides they are surprised that a girl who was so open and affectionate in her correspondence, suddenly becomes prudish.It seems to be the usual practice for translators who “lead” certain profiles (i.e.One woman posted a warning on a social networking site, saying the owner of the agency she had been working for didn’t pay her and other translators 18-20 thousand hryvnia each (about 0-950) for a several months work. It is a common complaint from men that Ukrainian women they meet through PPL sites never allow any intimacy, even as much as a kiss or holding hands.She complained about delivering the work and being scammed out of her pay. The practice became more understandable when I came across a forum post by a translator, who said it was her responsibility during meetings of Ukrainian women with foreign men to ensure there was no intimate contact, as this could cause criminal prosecution for the agency for solicitation (prostitution).


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