Updating bsd vs debian

Elliott Hughes fixed a -Wformat warning in expr.c, and made xargs split the command line at ARG_MAX (which is 1/4 the stack size ulimit, which normal users can arbitrarily increase but execve() will complain if they don't).Josh Gao made netcat -l exit after handling a request, and reported a seq bug (seq "1000000 10000001" output 1e 06, fixed now). Rob fixed env -0 checking the flag wrong so it didn't work in combination with other flags (typo).

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This fixed several existing tests that didn't pass, made more tests run on a toybox-only system, and so on.

The test suite infrastructure now has a second testing function, "testcmd", which supplies the command name being tested (bypassing shell builtins).

Use nproc in scripts/detect available processors (so you can control the SMP level with taskset).

Removed the old u Clibc compatibility glue, it's been 5 years since their last release.

"Just believe everything I tell you, and it will all be very, very simple." "Ah, well, I'm not sure I believe that." - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Toybox 0.7.6 (git commit) is out, a month and change late.

This release adds top -m and iotop -H (and fixed top width truncating for narrow terminal windows), added iconv -c, fixed ps -T 1234 to show threads belonging to that PID, improved file's executable identification (properly recognizing both endiannesses and adding sh/frv fdpic, bpf, and new microblaze identifiers), and blkid now only shows LABEL= when it isn't blank.Twitter's code of conduct page went down so we mirrored the text locally.: Fixed a race condition in ps/top where a process that exited right as we read its data returned a different error value than we were expecting (which was causing long-running top instances to occasionally exit), mount now gives an error if it can't autodetect the filesystem type, ps no longer queries the terminal size when output isn't to a tty (so "ps -A | cat" doesn't vary), date's chkmktime() was replaced with simple range checks for fields (to avoid false positives from things like timezones and daylight savings time), removed %s from date's help (we didn't implement it, we have @seconds[.nanoseconds] instead), fixed zcat's buffer flush logic (which was always failing on files larger than 32k), and factor now detects requests for numbers 64 bits and fails loudly instead of producing incorrect answers.Various android build and config fixes, getting closer to being able to let android someday use scripts/instead of generated/* snapshots.Also more work into building under android's NDK; not quite there yet but much closer.) and grew -0, ls defaults to -b instead of -q now when there's a tty, and ls has a new -ll option (with --full-time as a compatibility synonym) showing nanoseconds and (for some reason) timezone. This was motivated by mkroot, which builds under a toybox airlock directory.Lots of work on the test suite, mostly from the Android guys who are now running it under Android.The non-html help -a output now has separators with the command name.The top/iotop and pkill/pgrep help text now describe a lot more of what the commands can do.Added a build #warning about musl intentionally breaking chrt (as with nommu fork() musl now provides a broken stub function so compile-time probes for its existence think it's there, and you can't run the result to test behavior when cross compiling).It is a well-known fact that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. " entry by default (initramfs extractor doesn't care) without which you can concatenate cpio archives with "cat".


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