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https://community.norton.com/en/forums/how-build-ghost15-srd-winpe-31 I have not tried with the latest version of Win PE. I was able to make the changes and everything "appeared" to be working in Win 10. I tried to just recovery a single file and got a "could not mount" the drive error. One backup to a secondary HD and once to an external USB HD. I tried again today to recover a file and used "run recovery point browser" to try and recover it.I tried recovery from both images but when trying to recover the file and got the error, the drive letter shown was not the one used and I could not change the drive letter to the correct backup location. Using that function, I was able to recover the file from both the external USB drive and secondary internal HD where I was keeping the backup images. I'll try a full drive recovery from the startup disk in a few days.Torrent), and then use someone else's computer to burn it.

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If you have a 64-bit operating system, then the Norton Ghost 15 folder can be found in the Program Files (x86) folder.

The process for each file in detail is as follows ... Now I will go back and do the compatibility mode again.

I did not try a recovery from a cold boot to the Ghost disk. So for the time being, I'm assuming everything with Ghost 15 and Win 10 is operating as advertised.

@ drjwolfe I have used your instructions and could actually register my license key. Sorry for my bad English because my language is Dutch. Hi After changing file compatibility to Win 7 Ghost 15 started OK (without asking for license key).

You can download the 60 day trial and access your files.

At the moment we are waiting for Symantec to wake up and support Win10 but at the end of the day you will have to invest in the latest Ghost.

C:\ Program Files (x86)\Norton Ghost\Agent\VPro best regards and thank you.

Jorn Johanesson, Denmark I also just changed te property on another computer where Norton 15 was not uinstalled.

I tried all of the above (including running Norton Removal Tool after multiple uninstalls, reinstalls from the master CD, changing *every* . One thing I noticed is that after changing everything to Win 7 compatibility mode, the system somehow remembers that setting - even if I run Norton Removal Tool after uninstalling Ghost v15. That sounds like it is a Windows 10 error, rather than a Ghost 15 error.

Must be stored in the registry (although I thought the Norton Removal Tool was supposed to clear the registry, too). Did you know, your original Ghost 15 Installation CD is actually a System Recovery Disk in itself.


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