Updating knob tube wiring

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The essence of the document is that they want to know the percentage of K&T wiring in the house, the condition of the K&T, and if it is adequate for the loads that are on the wiring.

There are notes indicating that they want certified electrical inspectors or licensed electricians to make this determination, depending upon the percentage of K&T in the building.

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In Owner's Manuals, you will find important setup and usage details so you can maximize performance on the trail.Clearly they have an issue with K&T , and the issue is primarily its age.They take a number of factors in to determine if they will insure a house with this type of wiring, but there is NO blanket denial due to K&T State Farm Insures our home and never did the agent ask about knob and tube wiring. We live in a very small town if that makes a difference. -Felder Just so you know the K&T insurance issue is true heres a paste from another board discussing it.Includes floor pan braces, inner rockers and seat belt provisions already welded in place.Loose brackets for rear seat hold down and wiring are also included. If you are looking for true OE style replacement then this pan will be hard to beat.I’m not sure we knew how much work would be involved, though!”The Laurel says, “This was a more formal house than we’ve done in the past and turned out to be a huge project. And the new owners seem very happy with it.” I bet they are!Many thanks to her for sharing her latest project with us.For more photos and information, visit So Po Cottage.The replies they gave me were exactly as I would have expected.Unfortunately, they were not willing to give me the specific documents they read to me regarding this issue.


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