Updating mythbuntu

updating mythbuntu-27
Apparently mythtv-setup automatically updated/fixed the database. In mythtv-setup (general settings) I discovered that the security PIN was blank.According to the prompt, that will prevent any front end from connecting to the back end.Primary Source: OR in an OB World I foolishly let Mythbuntu update to version 14.04 overnight a few days ago.

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When the installation was finally over, the back end would not load, which means it was doing a pretty good impression of a (software) brick.

I could start the back end manually because my personal Myth TV configuration file (~/.mythtv/config.xml) survived the upgrade intact.

The system configuration file (/etc/mythtv/config.xml, also symlinked to /home/mythtv/.mythtv/config.xml) must have been replaced by what amounted to a placeholder. This turned out not to be limited to Myth TV: I couldn’t get the system to make sounds, period.

In alsamixer (in a terminal), I unmuted both, then ran sudo alsactl store to store the correct settings and added alsactl restore to /etc/rc.local, which should hypothetically be run each time the system boots (but not, I believe, during reboots).

The command works fine from a terminal, but after a full shutdown/start I find S/PDIF once again clobbered; so either /etc/rc.local is not running or, more likely, it restores the correct sound settings before the evil program that’s muting S/PDIF gets executed.


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