Updating speedstream dsl ethernet modem

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Note: Although this Method 2 is termed "Double NAT", the modem functions in a DMZ mode and passes all port traffic through to the router.

There can be a connection drop or lock up problem with this method, if too many TCP connections (sessions) are opened by some gaming or P2P software.

Ethernet: Green - Connection through the Ethernet port to the router or computer was successful. To put the modem in Bridge modem do the following:1. Reboot your computer and router (if applicable.) You will now need some form of PPPo E software on your computer or a router that supports PPPo E.

Off - No power, or connection through the Ethernet port to the router or computer was not successful. In your web browser browse to This address will be located on a yellow sticker on the bottom of your modem.2. Be warned that even if you are using Enternet 300 or XP/OSX's built in PPPo E SBC tech support will not troubleshoot connectivity issues until you have put your modem back in PPPo E on board mode. This could be a new item (e.g., Q: When does the 5100b asked for a modem access code?

Maybe with future software upgrades."Now, the answer for advanced users is yes, but the procedure is involved.

First you must gain access to the modem CLI: »SBC DSL FAQ »How can I access the Speedsteam modem's CLI? Then you must use the correct cfg command listed here: »SBC DSL FAQ »How can I use the cfg command on the Speedstream modem? The new IP that you set the modem to will be retained through power cycles and restarts, but will not survive a reset to factory defaults.It may take a while, but you'll eventually be able to download the firmware for the 4100 at:»web.archive.org/web/2006 ··· 4100And the 5100b at:»web.archive.org/web/2006 ··· 100To see the instructions for the 4100, click:»web.archive.org/web/2007 ··· 00.shtml For the instruction for the 5100b, click:»web.archive.org/web/2007 ··· 0b.shtml This version contains fixes for AOL for Broadband 9.0, DSL power-off enhancements, a fix for restoring the memory in the modem, multiple fixes to the statistics web page, enhancements to DHCP, and a security fix.Many different modem models show an estimated maximum attainable sync speed on the GUI pages, but the Speedstream modems do not include this capability.Method 1 (Single NAT) -1: With your computer plugged directly into the modem bridge the modem using the FAQ entitled How can I put the 5100b in bridge mode?2: Plug the router in between the modem and your computer.3: Set your router up for PPPo E and put in your full e-mail address and password.The first screen will ask you for your Modem Access Code. ) as well as corrections for the steps in the other exiting questions.This also will be located on the same yellow sticker.3. The modem access code is not asked for more than once in a session.If you want to network your connection with the 5100b you will need a router.The 5100b hands out only one LAN IP address (and does NAT) so a hub will not work.Select Advanced from the blue buttons on the left.4. The modem may ask your for the Modem Access Code again. Select the radio button labeled, "Bridged Mode (PPPo E is not used)"7. It is not asked for on the first acecss to the modem.It is asked for when you try to access a page whose primary end result would change the state of the modem or when you click on a button that would change the state of the modem on a page that is primarily an informational page. In addition you might clarify why to use Bridged mode vs. The latter is preferred so that you can easily return to the GUI without resetting the modem back to factory defaults or going through manual pc based subnet configurations.


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