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(Code 10) I have Mc Afee Total Protection on my laptop.

These are used for quick configuration of your Internet Security level, your Network Security Level, and your Process Monitoring level.

If you find that the slider doesn’t do exactly what you want, there are more advanced options available at the touch of a button.

It has the standard options to either kill all network traffic or open your system up to any network traffic.

This is in the form of a stop light that is turned sideways. Click on green and you are wide open to everything.

Webroot Desktop Firewall makes firewall configuration easy.

After it finishes its installation process, you are presented with a simple and intuitive management panel that has all the major settings you will ever need to use right at your fingertips.It includes a 7 day training period where the firewall software learns what your computer does, what you do, and how you interact with your computer and programs.While it learns, it adjusts its settings to adapt to how you work.I have done some searching online and found this video.I found the same instructions in text-form here (by Gokul T).It connects as "local only." I tried unplugging and replugging the cables to the router.Normally, that would work when I get disconnected from the internet.The control panel is easy to navigate and has many options to choose from that allow you control some more advanced features if you wish.The default configuration is normally sufficient for most average home users, though there may be changes that need to be made depending on the software you run locally.It performs great for a standalone firewall, but doesn’t have options such as Ad-Blocking, Email Scanning, Virus Scanner Integration, and many others that come with some of the more popular firewall packages.With the use of sliders to handle much of the configuration process, Webroot Desktop Firewall gets an A on the easy factor.


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