Validating drop down list in asp c sharp

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If you want to do something when you change the selection, you can write the program on Selected Index Changed event.From the following code you can understand how to set values in the Selected Index Changed event of a combobox.The following code example uses the derived class Text Box and validates an e-mail address that the user enters.

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So this is not an efficient way to do the validation.

So we use Java Script that validates at the client side.

Find the below sample screen shot for validating the fields before saving the data Img 3: Validation method Here I have validated the fields using the Boolean method, If all the field values are entered properly it will return true, other wise it will return false and will display an error message.

i need to validate a dropdownlist (ddl State) in a c# webform.

in other words, i need to make sure that the user selects an item in the dropdownlist.

it contains the items: Items Index (Select a state) 0 Arizona 1 California 2 .....Drag and drop two combobox on the Form and copy and paste the following source code.You can bind data to a Combobox from various resources like Dataset, List, Enum, Dictionary etc.From the following link you can study more about ...Combo Box Databinding You can set combobox default value by using Selected Index property Above code set 6th item as combobox default value You can make a Combo Box readonly, that means a user cannot write in a combo box but he can select the given items, in two ways.You can delete items with the Remove method or clear the entire list with the Clear method.The Drop Down Style property specifies whether the list is always displayed or whether the list is displayed in a drop-down.By default, Drop Down Style property of a Combobox is Drop Down. When you change the Drop Down Style property to Drop Down List, the Combobox will become read only and user can not enter values to combobox.Second method, if you want the combobox completely read only, you can set combo Box1. From the version Visual Studio 2005, some of the controls support Autocomplete feature including the Combo Box controls.In a Win Form I'm doing initial validation in the Form. To make the code short only three fields are shown in the code.So before saving data, I want to validate whether all the required fields are filled (Text Boxes) by the user. I would rather use a generic function that would be passed each control on the form and based on the type of the control, separate validation logic would be written.


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