Vashtie and kid cudi dating

In 2008, after many years of deliberation, Kola finally launched her signature brand VIOLETTE, described in style as, "if Louis Vuitton had a daughter living in the Lower East Side.

She'd be rocking a cool t-shirt, kicks, and a great handbag".

a) Jay-Z b) Nas c) Biggie Smalls d) Tupac e Rakim/Eric B f) Eminem g) Dr. If she knows nothing about blowing into the game consoles before starting up the game, she is a newborn.

Before there were fancy disks that you would slide into your PS3 or downloading games directly into the game system, you either had a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, a Sega Genesis, or even a old vintage Atari system.

Her body may say she’s grown, but what does her mind say? Now hold on homie, before you get too excited over your spanking new, barely legal tenderoni, there are some signs that she may not be the one for you.

Vashtie and kid cudi dating

Of course, if you are looking for a girl who is still finding herself and is too vain to comfort your ego, then I bid you farewell.

In 2005, she was signed to Box Fresh Pictures as a Director alongside Anthony Mandler.

Many of her first videos were done with this company, including videos for artists such as Beans, J-Status and Tony Hussle.

When you find someone and you have an immediate physical attraction to them, sometimes morals can go out the window.

But when you start to talk to them, you will eventually realizes that this girl may be too young minded for you. If she has never owned any of the following, you are talking to a kindgartener.


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