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NET, that is), there was a way to suppress a form refresh (Auto Refresh/Auto Redraw form property? I used to do this with multimedia programs I was working on at the time in VB3, as I recall. NET Windows application is selectively hiding, unhiding, enabling, and/or disabling some 70-80 interface objects and the form appears to be refreshing after each one is changed.

Set Style is defined in the Control class, and ultimately (or actually, somewhere half-way up) Form inherits from that class. These enums are there to control the way the screen is refreshed / redrawn, and are generally used to avoid flicker. doesn't pop up intelli sense for the Set Style method; it's there, although you cannot see it.

Set Style accepts a Control Styles enum, like Control Styles. Unfortunately, I do not have a complete and working solution, but these keywords may get you in the right direction. NET that is made much harder than it used to be, to provide (probably) a much more flexible solution..... Cheers, Imar --------------------------------------- Imar Spaanjaars Everyone is unique, except for me. It removes all the objects at the same time, with only one screen refresh, which is what I wanted. But making the objects visible again still flickers as each object is drawn.

Has Auto Refresh been renamed something obscure that's now 15 levels deep in form object property references, has it been removed because Uncle Microsoft knows what's best for us, or am I confused about what I used to be able to do?

Hi Ron, I have no real idea what I am talking about when it comes to refresh / redraw / repaint issues with Windows Forms, so I could be completely wrong, or offer you something you cannot use, but you may want to take a look at methods like Set Style.

I inserted it before the call to Initialize Component in the form NEW, as I was under the impression that Initialize Component was the place where the objects were being instantiated to the form and setting this before object instantiation would prevent the flickering even on form load. NET forms, but can't think of any place earlier in code to place it so this may be as close as I can get to a solution.

Or maybe Set Style simply doesn't work when displaying objects, only when hiding them? It solves my problem 1 out of three times, anyway, although I'd most like to lose the flicker in the initial form paint, as that's when it will be encountered most often. New being the first line of code in a constructor is that as soon as you create a derived class, it's important that you initialize its parent (that's how things work in OO; as soon as you create a derived class, its parent is called.I therefore believe this is another of those "can't be done" instances and the users will just have to live with the ugly form load.On the plus side, though, containing the objects in a panel not only makes it much faster to hide the controls and also significantly reduced the amount of code involved, from 80 or so Visible=False statements to 1. If nothing else, the processing time is marginally faster. Having worked with many MSFT people directly, I can tell you customer input IS valued and one person CAN make a difference in how a product is released... NOT a Wiley/Wrox Employee Thanks for the suggestion, Hal.I also believe the automatic refresh after every interface change is slowing down processing as well, particularly considering the number of objects on the form that are redrawn every time.This even seems to be occuring when the form is first displayed, leaving large white spots on the form until the details for each object are filled in. So, is there some way to suppress the form refresh until all my interface changes have been made, so that the screen just refreshes once, instead of after each change?I then set Visible=true, assuming that the contents of the panel were instantiated at that point.Haven't had a chance to try anything else since, but I'm also toying with the idea of making the panel visible, but placing it off screen at first so that it's not seen until I'm ready for it.Then maybe the flicker won't be an issue because it simply won't be on the form until I'm ready for it.Unfortunately, placing the panel off screen until populated doesn't seem to make a difference.While typing this post, I was listening to: Providence by Godspeed you Black Emperor!(Track 3 from the album: F# A# Infinity) What's This? I omitted that I set the default property to FALSE so that the panel is invisible when the form is first loaded.


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