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Her Christian rock albums have reached gold status, and her songs are among the “25 Most Sung” in North American churches. Throughout her life of worship, academia, and professional success, Beeching was haunted by her sexuality.She is a regular guest on TV and radio shows, and she’s a regular contributor to Radio 4’s Today program and the Chris Evans breakfast show. At 12, she knew she was gay: “Realising that I was attracted to [other girls] was a horrible feeling. It became more and more of a struggle because I couldn’t tell anyone.” The secret drove her to isolate herself from others.

She made a promise to come out by the time she was 35, saying, “Thirty-five is half a life.

I’ve lost so much living as a shadow of a person.” So, now that she’s bravely come out, what next?

As she says, “We often confuse needing to agree as the basis of being able to love one another.” She aims to help change the Church’s view on homosexuality.

When asked why she hasn’t left her faith when it’s caused her so much “shame and isolation and pain,” she answered, “What Jesus taught was a radical message of welcome and inclusion and love.

is a searing indictment of the heartbreak and suffering caused by homophobia and one women’s battle to overcome it.

What Vicky Beeching has faced is tragic, depressing and enraging — but her ultimate triumph is inspiring.” “Beeching has experienced a struggle, a persecution, that few of us will ever know.She would “perform endlessly, ensuring every birthday and public holiday was booked up,” even if her performances went against her personal beliefs.In 2008 Beeching was booked at mega-churches all over California for events that supported Prop 8. “I would find myself at these events that were anti-equal-marriage rallies, but I was only booked to sing so there was no way I could say anything.You can also access your e-book titles on your desktop or mobile browser. By the time she reached her early thirties, Vicky was a household name in churches on both sides of the pond.Recording multiple albums and singing in America’s largest megachurches, her music was used weekly around the globe and translated into numerous languages.Powerful, moving, and compelling, this book makes the reader extremely angry about intolerance, but provides hope to those of us who believe that genuine Christian love knows no boundaries.A vital book.”“A touching, inviting and inspiring journey of faith and self-acceptance.But this poster girl for evangelical Christianity lived with a debilitating inner battle: she was gay.The tens of thousands of traditional Christians she sang in front of were unanimous in their view – they staunchly opposed same-sex relationships and saw homosexuality as a grievous sin.She counts among her close friends the daughter of Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.She received a BA and a Masters in theology at Oxford University, spent over a decade in the States recording Christian music, then returned to the UK to pursue a doctoral degree at Durham University, focusing on social media (she was an early social media adopter and has over 50 thousand followers on Twitter) as well as the theology of human sexuality.


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