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Evans and Stephanie Dinkins are already investigating questions of identity, agency and consciousness through the use of A. in their practice, and many aspects of human-machine interaction are under scrutiny. According to Leeson, “she became more exacting, more ‘intelligent’, ‘less artificial’, over time.” Leeson’s current project, “Osiris” – “a feature film and dynamic website about surviving the battle of evolution” – features a scanning booth where visitors’ faces are scanned for genetic traits such as sex, race and ancestry. chatbots was Eliza, programmed by computer scientist Joseph Weizenbaum in 1964.

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Independent, selfdetermining systems are still primitive. Nonetheless, artists involved in this emerging and dynamic field are demonstrating its great promise, not only in terms of investigating computer subjectivity and the socialisation of A.

I., but also in revising long-held certainties about artistic forms and media.

BINA48 has a torso, a head and eyes that focus on her interlocutor (sometimes) as well as voice processing software, but is still inseparable from her hardware.

When BINA48 has a speaking engagement, Rothblatt also travels there, scarf and all.

I think the Uncanny Valley, that discomfort experienced by humans when interacting with close humanoid robot cousins, has been jumped.” The Terasem foundation gives applicants the option to upload part of their own consciousness to the internet, the “first step to immortality”, furthering the debate on personhood. Talking to the bots and their makers, the limitations of the system soon become apparently.

As Holdhus argues, there is a lack of common understanding about the implementation of A. technology in art, and when it is implemented, functional communication as a measure of intelligent interaction is often frustratingly lacking.

The bot contains “poetic and comic reflections” on Holdhus’ own practice. “The encrypted responses come from my interest in cryptography and is continuing to develop as I dig deeper into it.

“I see it as having its own identity more than its own life. The work that was decoded opened up for an expanded meaning of my practice.

Google’s head of technology, Ray Kurzweil, recently predicted that we will achieve human-level artificial intelligence by 2029. in art, and its validity as art, is inevitable.” Artificial intelligence is generally defined as “the study and design of intelligent agents”, where this agent is a system that can perceive and interact with its environment, taking decisions that maximise its chance of success. Eliza was used in therapy and Weizenbaum made a startling discovery: patients started to enter into emotional relationships with ‘her’.

At this point, he argues, human and machine intelligence will merge to form a “Singularity” – a melding of biological and synthetic minds. speak to the contemporary condition and our current situation, that’s why it’s so interesting right now. This phenomenon is now known as the “Eliza effect”, and her programmer was so horrified by it – the programme was intended to be a parody – that in 1976 he wrote a book about it titled “Computer Power and Human Reason: From Judgment to Calculation”, which pointed out the dangers of this technology.


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