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In addition, virtual agents cost significantly less than human employees.Companies interested in adopting virtual agent software through a cloud service provider or software vendor must invest time and resources into "training" the virtual agent.Users are able to receive fashion advice – available throughout the site – in a conversational tone via their mobile device or laptop, creating a more personalized, easy shopping experience wherever and whenever they want it.

In the world of customer relationship management (CRM) software, virtual agents are used to provide 24/7 customer service including answering questions on accounts, help with a password, providing recommendations or following up on sales and marketing leads via email correspondence.

For example, a virtual sales agent can be used to email potential customers to request a meeting with a live sales agent.

Still, most companies use virtual agents to handle highly repeatable tasks.

For complicated tasks, live customer service agents are required.

Drawing on decades of experience helping consumers find the right fit, the Virtual Stylist poses questions like, “How would you like your jeans to fit through your hips and thighs?

” to explore shoppers’ preferences on leg shape, rise and stretch.When a customer agrees to a meeting, the virtual agent can obtain a phone number and collect the information a sales rep might need to conduct a live conversation.This is enormously useful for sales and marketing teams, as they typically only focus on leads deemed "high quality." With a virtual agent, all leads can be followed up on, which could result in higher sales.Virtual agents can only provide information that has been "fed" to the AI system, and if the system contains bad data, customers will receive false information. The initial time investment is worthwhile when it results in reduced call volume and frees up live agents to focus on complex customer service tasks.There are a number of cloud-based virtual agent platforms that are pretrained for customer service tasks.This initial setup period may take months to complete, depending on the level of confidence the company desires.Virtual agents are based on machine learning technology, which improves over time as the system ingests more data and "learns" through continued use.It then integrates True Fit sizing information to deliver tailored recommendations. You can chat with the Virtual Stylist using Facebook Messenger when you’re shopping on the go. Consumers will be able to crowd-source their shopping decisions using a “Share” function that lets them send product options to their friends who can vote for their favorites and comment on the products.Perhaps you’re unclear on how to best style those new 501® Skinny jeans?Enterprises can start with a simple, scripted version and can evolve over time.But they need to make sure that the vendor they choose allows them to grow.


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