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I’m sometimes slightly more tolerant when it’s borderline and not full shota, because boys can’t have sex unless they agree to this body and soul (meaning: getting an erection).

Apparently the adult Japanese women are told be have a fetish for cute young boys (I wonder if that’s true? ) — : Japanese law prohibits porn and showing genitalia.

This is why the hentai mangas are so different from western porn comics, the drawers were forced to learn how to make a drawing attractive and exciting without revealing a wide open vagina, a giant dick or even a pubis.

That is why female hentai girls can be so exciting even with half of their clothes on, their body is beautifully drawn, their position is exciting, the art of suggestion and the art of placing the reader (“the camera” for the point of view) in the fucker’s position is perfectly managed.

If you’re new to all this hentai stuff, please allow me to quote a relatively popular guide for lost travelers: DON’T PANIC!

I wrote a hentai glossary, that should help, I hope Maybe you are new to erotic japanese comics, so if that’s the case, you’ll be flooded with weird uncomprehensible words.I must confess I’ve never had sex with a woman having breasts large enough to perform paizuri on me, so this is a GIGANTIC fetish of mine.And my wife (yes: I’m in a long term relationship) having breasts too small for that, I don’t stand many chances to ever know how it feels T_T – Shotacon, Shota: same as loli, but with underage boys.Hentai readers are roughly in the same questioning position when they read translated hentai works, only they don’t care about quantum physics but about the existence of a real scenario behind the fuck scenes.You will sometimes find a real scenario, nothing is impossible.– : On hentairules.net, that means a hentai manga that is drawn to imitate something already known, like a TV serie, or another manga (Dragon Ball, anything), or an anime. – : most hentai works are drawn by hand, or mainly rely on hand work, even if photoshop helps, even if it’s on a drawing tablet, even if they’re digitalized in the end.To be super-strict, originally a doujinshi is a non-professional, non-commercially printed booklet. To make things more simple, on Hentairules, if it’s not a parody of something already known I call it a manga, and if it’s a parody I call it a doujinshi. But the japanese are fond of hentai games, with totally computer-made pictures.To make it worse, “doujinshi” also refer to parodies of existing series (games, anime, whatever).Which leads us to the two following definitions: – : to keep my sanity with my daily hentai shares, I’ve decided to cleanly separate original mangas, and doujinshi: don’t bug me, I know it’s more complicated (cf above) An original manga is a manga that isn’t inspired from anything else, that is a real original creation.This is a delicate balance, with much being discussed and negociated behind the scene.I encourage you to read Hypno Phag’s comment on that page.


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