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When his lawyers updated him on court matters, Soriano said there is hardly justice in the country.

“This is a clear harassment and religious persecution.

w=150 150w, w=300 300w" sizes="(max-width: 314px) 100vw, 314px" /Manila, Philippines (6/23/09) – The congregation of the Members Church of God, International (MCGI), more popularly known as Ang Dating Daan (ADD) have declared a formal boycott on GMA, a giant television network in the country for its biased and uncalled-for airing of a case against its Presiding Minister filed by one he had excommunicated in 2005.

GMA7, through anchored by Arnold Clavio, on the night of June 18, 2009, tackled the double rape case filed against Bro. The preacher had excommunicated the complainant from MCGI way back in 2005 for raping some 14 of his subordinates, and misappropriating church funds for personal use.

Noong 7 Setyembreang korteng anti-korupsiyon ng Sandiganbayan na pinangunahan ni Teresita De Castro ay naghayag na ang korte ay magpopromulga ng isang hatol sa Setyembre 12 Setyembre para sa 6 na taong paglilitis sa mga kasong pandarambong kay Estrada.

To be admitted to the bar, there are three requirements:. On November 7, the promulgation of Presidential Decree No.I can fully defend myself if the International court of Justice will allow me,” Soriano said.May mga tent na rin pinaparenta dun kay ate jasmene yun nga lang walang eletricity pa ang venue, sa water naman magpareserved na po kayo ng container ng nawasa kasi po madami tao kaya unahan at 2 times lang po sila nagdadala ng tubig isa sa umaga at sa gabi.Asked not to be mentioning “Iglesia ni Cristo,” Razon uttered: “I would rather lose my job than lose my God! Soriano notes that although the Iglesia ni Cristo tries hard to press charges on him, “there is no case filed by the Church of Manalo in which I was convicted,” he said.“Our enemies accuse us of the evil deeds they are doing, and wanting to cover up the evil works of their group, they impute their crimes on us,” he told the congregation.“There was an email to me why we do not answer the broadcast of GMA. Under our laws, I cannot answer because I will be cited for contempt of court. It should not be part of the program, ,” Soriano said.“ If a case is already in the court, you cannot speak on the merits of it. However, not talking about it does not mean that we are not responding at all,” he added.No politician would dare displease INC leadership for want of power.Soriano, however, as fearless preacher, does not consider INC beliefs as godly and therefore exposes whatever he knows in every instance that he is asked.Soriano and with evidences presented in the court, the case was dismissed on January 26, 2006 as penned by Alexandro Lopez, Assistant Provincial Prosecutor of Region III, San Fernando, Pampanga and as approved by Jesus Y. But months later, however, Raul Gonzalez, Secretary of Justice, on March 21, 2006, directed Regional State Prosecutor Jesus Simbulan to elevate the records of the rape case to his office, the Department of Justice.The Ang Dating Daan considers this as highly irregular and for a Secretary of Justice to be doing this, DOJ appears to have become personal and justice owned and franchised by some selected citizens.


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