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“Honeybees are the center of this event because they have such a strong connection to our daily life, from the food we eat to the supplies we use.We have fun with bees, and we want our guests to share the same enjoyment and appreciation.” If you’re looking for something different to do for an upcoming date night, mark these dates on your calendar: Friday, August 19, and Friday, September 23. Tickets are per person and include a DIY beeswax candle, a sample of raw honey, 2 glasses of honey wine or beer, light appetizers, a tour of the apiary, and a presentation about bees.

She's a non-profit leader, freelance writer, community volunteer, and food blogger, with over ten years of writing and editing experience.

By day, she owns her own marketing and writing firm, Red Bird Writing, and enjoys helping her clients tell their stories.

Other activities include raw honey sampling, beeswax candle making, and a tour of the apiary, which offers a look into an active beehive.

“Our unique event is a fun night out with an educational purpose,” Ryan says.

Bees & Brew is held at the Southwest Conservation Club in Fort Wayne and registration is open to all adults 21 and older. More information and registration can be found online at

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