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A popular plugin is Vodburner, which records video and audio from both sides and also allows you to edit it and upload the content to You Tube and other platforms. Simply click on the 'Extras' option located under the 'Tools' tabs on the menu bar.From there click on the 'Vod Burner Video Call Recorder' tab and download the plugin.When thinking about your background, keep it simple."Don't have clutter," Walinskas says.

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There are thousands of helpful tips available for job seekers looking to ace an interview, but what about the interviewer?

It's assumed that you've got the easy part, especially if you're conducting a Skype interview.

One of the benefits of conducting Skype interviews is having the option to record them.

Garber and Walinskas both agree that having the ability to record interviews allow them to be more engaged with candidates during the interview.

A plain backdrop is certainly the best." – There's no need to get fancy here.

Some variation of your first and last name will do, and the same goes for the person you're interviewing.It's your responsibility to be familiar with the technology, just like you expect prospective candidates to be prepared and execute proper interviewing etiquette."If a candidate doesn't do their homework and practice with their friends on how to use the technology, then it says volumes about their seriousness as far as how they want to be perceived as a candidate," Garber adds.Rightly so, if complications during the interview are due to technology problems on your end, it speaks volumes about your preparedness, and your expertise as an interviewer, and it reflects negatively on the company you represent.Set the Example As an interviewer, you have the luxury of conducting the interview anywhere you please and the responsibility of maintaining the professional standard for your company.Don't operate under the assumption that executing a Skype interview is just like video chatting with a friend.This way you don't have to rely on memory or notes to help you determine which candidates stood out the most, but you do have to keep one thing in mind."If you're interviewing and it is going to be recorded and your teammates are going to watch it, you can't slick through it," Garber says."The same types of things you can do in a face-to-face interview you can probably get 75 to 90 percent of that information from using Skype."Many companies are doing everything possible to cut costs, saves time, maintain efficiency and produce growth, which is why more business owners are starting to rely on video technology, such as Skype, to conduct job interviews.These four tips will help you get better at doing job interviews on Skype.1.Sometimes using just one bright light in a room can cast a shadow on you and make the room appear darker than normal.On the other hand, too much natural sunlight can make you appear washed out, which is why your office or conference room is best.


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