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The long distance from our group of "special friends" has been a challenge, but the internet helps thanks to video chats. I would always sneak over to drink a beer and chill. However 6 months ago she started an affair, which was found out and they separat..

We also have the contents of the six flash drives we each took on our combined farewell vacation; us, Kevin and.. He had slept on a couch on the floor the night before. If you have been following my adventures you know a couple stories ago my sister came home early from the club as if she had stayed there they were going to strip her and make her take my place.

That said, not trying to portray Rock as a paragon of good decision making here.

This isn’t supposed to be an advice book for how to handle abusive breakups by any means, it comes from a place of personal experience with messy relationship ends and mental illness, the grey area when you can’t cut something cleanly but you need to set hard limits and figure out what amount of interaction (if any) is safe after a period of time for the parties to work on themselves.

They’re two people who ended up damaged by similar shit, at various stages of working through it, stuck in each other’s orbit by necessity of circumstance beyond their control, figuring out how they can safely interact and get closure from each other.

And I mean honestly, speaking from the experience of someone with friendships and other such relationships break down over issues like this with no happy ending or closure, it can be cathartic to have a little fictional fantasy situation where two people I can guarantee are going to be civil with each other can talk this shit out.

I kinda waffled on whether or not to put this here because it’s kinda more serious subject matter than I typically involve in this comic and I know “funny video game webcomic takes on serious issues” is always at risk of coming across as really corny and undermining what it’s trying to discuss, but I figure it’s worth laying out exactly what kinda history these two had.

I mean, I feel like it was more or less implied, but hey, there it is if you had any doubts.

I brought a Go Pro camera with me just for fun, and since I was fresh out of the shower and naked, I thought he'd enjoy a look, so I set it up and streamed it to..

I'm in Marketing for one of the big 3 auto companies, and recently was sent for 5 days to Orlando for a big conference. I've known my brother-in-law Rob for about 15 years, and we have become good friends.


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