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The only downside is all these people are in demand all over the place. The beauty of them being friends is they find a way to make it work and have been very gracious with their time.Mulaney has his show; Jenny is on House of Lies and Parks and Recreation and now on her own FX show. The other thing is that the the farther you get into a show, the more I can have the show itself be a selling point.

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This season you’ve added moments between sketches where you break character and talk to your co-stars, like Jenny Slate and John Mulaney.

Since that’s an industry not typically discussed in the context of workplace advice, I thought it would be interesting to talk to her about how she fielded some of the work situations that came up there, and she graciously agreed to let me interview her for a post here. Warning: Given the subject matter, there’s some mild discussion of the existence of sex.

I had heard about the open position through an acquaintance, so I think that my interview was a bit more low key than it would have been for others.

It’s crazy to think how long we’ve all known each other.

I’m gonna finish in my writers’ room and go pop by the taping of Mulaney’s show.


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