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After I kind of got blindsided by that I didn't know how to react.I wanted to show face, scream, punch Blake in the face, yell at Holly, but I couldn't do those things because the game was still going on."I know if the situation was reversed I would have not gone on stage, I would have put my foot down and said, 'There is no way we are going to let this happen, let him be blindsided and not find out about the engagement until he's on national television in front of a live studio audience'."I really feel like that was really terrible and it really hurt me a lot and made me disappointed in Holly. I tried to handle it the best I could on the show, which was not freaking out and blowing up because I was really upset.

*But of course all of Holly's good news came at the expense of her ex-fiance, Michael, who found out about her engagement in front of the entire cast of .

"Humiliated."Holly said she planned to tell Michael before they got on stage, but the cast members' phones were confiscated prior to the taping and the pair were kept in separate rooms before being reunited on stage.[Read the full story here.]( do you think about Holly's engagement ring?

About 115 guests reportedly attended Durst and Julian's wedding ceremony, which took place at The Cliffs Country Club in Greenville, SC.

Several , Durst wore an Alfred Angelo wedding gown which featured a dramatic sweetheart neckline, draped bodice, sash, tufted skirt and a sweep train.

It made it hard to be friends with Holly and Blake and really wish them well - I do wish them well but that really upsets me."Holly spoke about a conversation you had before the show when you said you didn't want to get back together until it was over. "We talked about a week before we went on the show and hung out the next few days.

It was great and super friendly and then getting there it was kind of a quick evolution for me.

' I didn't black out but I have no idea what happened the next 20 minutes.

I knew Chris kept asking us questions and I remember stumbling over my words... I didn't remember really anything I said so my direct response is in that moment I kind of blacked out."I was immediately thinking about strategy because our team strategy going into the finale was to be a strong team.

Although Stagliano admitted he loved Durst and wanted her back while they were filming , Durst felt an instant connection with Julian and quickly became attached to him after sharing an intimate kiss on a private one-on-one date.

But Durst still remained a loyal game partner to Stagliano during -- resulting in the pair beating out Michelle Money and Graham Bunn and winning the competition's 0,000 cash prize during the finale.


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