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PR.com: Do you mind the fact that your jewelry line is so heavily linked in the press with what’s going on with her right now?She’d be going through the costume collection and when she was five years old I would get calls from teachers saying, “I’m sorry Ms.Gastineau, did you know that your daughter is wearing a rather ] they showed us looking at jewelry but they never addressed that my mom has been in the business for so long, and I grew up selling jewelry to myself in the mirror.Red carpet events, modeling gigs, TV appearances and trips around the globe are all in a day’s work for the self-proclaimed glamour girls.Brittny counts platinum selling recording artist Ciara, reality super star Kim Kardashian and New York Knicks royalty La La Vasquez as her BFFs, while Lisa Gastineau has Manhattan’s Upper East Side on lock and pals around with The Real Housewives of New York City.Collectively known as “The Gastineau Girls” since appearing on the E!Network back in 20, Lisa Gastineau and daughter Brittny Gastineau have conquered the A-list social scene from New York to Hollywood.In their latest collaboration, the Gastineaus are bringing their signature glamour to HSN with a fun and affordable jewelry line, aptly named , premiering on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) on Monday, March 21, 2011.(Allison Kugel): Do the two of you ever get mistaken for sisters? Lisa Gastineau: Often, and much to Brittny’s chagrin.But for someone who may or may not have been falsely accused, why not?Besides, alongside the eye she was also wearing these diamond locket earrings that she also borrowed [from us].


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