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"Then go and have a drink, and sit and talk about linguistics! Language, particularly the English language, is indeed Valo's obsession.Take the title of the new album, Dark Light, for instance.

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And I think HIM deserves it more than all them bands anyway, wouldn't you agree... Oh and Hexagot, what do you know you condescending asshole?

community, whose pale, eyelinered presence on the cover of any of the hard rock mags has for several years guaranteed an immediate rise in circulation, appears to be more of a talker than a hellraiser.

We all have different tastes and that's what makes life interesting. But people seem to think it would be something terrible if he was....

If we didn't then all music would be the same and it would get very very boring....

Well, ladies and gentleman, let's come to a point: For a long time now I observe a strange phenomenom in the fan scene of HIM. In every kind of music there is/was a gay or bisex - from pop, rock to black metal.

The fans of HIM (or Ville Valo) are far more fanatic than fans of other bands. This these was emphasized by the fact that I was able to observe more of this cases, for example the way females pay attention to the French gay-metallers Anorexia Nervosa. i'm not sexually attracted to girls in anyway, does that make me a lesbian? I like Queen, I listen George Michael or Elton John and I don't think if they are/were gays!!!Anybody unfamiliar with Him's lyrics, which are all his own work, might suppose this to be a moody gothic nonsense. "I love it because it expresses a physical impossibility, the Yin and the Yang all mixed up together." Trying to find a balance between these opposed states is, he says, "what it's all about for me". Dark Light is also the title of a novel by one of his favourite writers, the Norwegian novelist Mette Newth.And here, he points out, tattooed on his upper arm is the likeness of another of his literary heroes, a Finnish author who recently drank himself to death.Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.You can choose your language settings from within the program.Their songs are an intriguing blend of buzzsaw-guitar mayhem and elegantly doom-laden melodies, the latter delivered in a deep baritone by a vocalist who might have been styled by Hammer Horror.Their cover versions are interestingly chosen, too.But the person who has helped him most recently in his battle with words and meanings is - no kidding - John Humphrys, the presenter of Radio 4's Today programme."I just finished reading his book Lost for Words," says Valo.I've read a hell of a lot of mangas and I've come to the conclusion that the most desireable male to young Japanese girls is the most feminine. I'm sure there's some deep psychological reason for it but I don't really care... And with regards to what you said about HIM fans being unusually overly obsessive about a band that does not nessecarily deserve it - what about Westlife, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, N*Sync and all those other boybands with quite a large totally obsessed fanbase. Personally, I think Ville Valo is hot but if I knew he was a woman I would probably not fancy him. It happens, people have different opinions on what 'deserves' obsessive devotion....


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